Love for shoes never goes out of your mind but it comes with more than one problem. The new heels are too tight, stiff and uncomfortable to walk in. Your favorite patent leather shoes get scuff marks overtimes…and so on. Don’t worry girl, we got it covered for you.

Below are top 5 hacks, which will blow your mind off.

1. White toothpaste on a rescue mission

Those lovely white trainers tend to loose out on its color, attract maximum dirt marks. No worries! This hack will be handy on such occasions. Just take an old toothbrush and generously squeeze out paste on it. Sprinkle some water on it and start brushing those trainers. Keep on moving from the top of the shoe to bottom in a circular motion. Once you have covered the entire shoe let it rest for 2 minutes. Take a clean cloth, wet it a little and start wiping it gently. Wham! Your brand new looking trainers are right in front of you.

2. Bye Bye scuffmarks

The tiny bottle of nail polish remover lying on the dressing table has more value than just cleaning your nails. Get all your patent leather boots or sandals out, its time for some magic. Take a cotton ball, dab nail polish remover on it. Then just swipe it once or twice over the marks. Your shoes are ready to go for a party!

3. Sweaty Feet – No more

Use the spray dry shampoo and spray it all over the insole of your pumps, sandals or sneakers. Let it rest for 10minutes. Now be stress-free to remove them anywhere.

4. How to remove salt stains from Leather Boots?

Peaky salt stains ruin the whole look of leather boots. What does one do? Shop boots online? Well we aren’t Beyoncé. Take those boots and below items
- Soft hand towel
- Hair conditioner
- Toothbrush (soft bristle)
First with a soft towel remove the dust from the boots. Then mix vinegar and hair conditioner together in a small bowl. Gently with the toothbrush stroke the effected area. Then with the towel softly clean the area.
*Please note do not keep the solution for a long time.

5.Shoe bites, what’s that?

Biggest problem with ankle boots is the bites around the Achilles. No more a fix, one quick home remedy will solve this for life. Use your roll on deo on the rims of the new stylish boot you bought from your favorite store. Slip into them and walk out like a boss. Trust us you would bite free when back home.