All year round we all wait for those most exciting 4 months when one can step out and go for all the happening music fest across the country. The festive months June – September is here and Are you ready with your look? If not, you do not have to be worried as the below 5 points are going to make the process of packing your fun luggage to the land of happiness easier.

Prepare Well

Knowing more is never harmful. Get your info right. What is the festival all about, what kind of music is going to be performed? What kind of crowd you would be with etc. But above all this preparing your bag right is the task. A little online shopping with a small checklist will do the trick for you. Jot dot what you need and then start buying this online (as they fall cheaper than regular stores) Get ready for the event well in advance, please do not keep things for the last moment.

One Bodycon Dress is a Must

Music fest is known for relaxed clothing, net wear, some hot shorts but you do not want to take a chance and miss a spontaneous date night on the fest. Always carry your favorite bodycon dress on the event so that you do not regret. You may not get a chance to wear it but what’s the harm for extra space for a tiny red bodycon dress. Always be ready for the most spontaneous move at any music festival. Such events bring out the wild side of you (if you know what we mean)

Weather Check

A lot of people skip this step. Do not assume just to a rain check before you pack so that you are prepared for the fest. Don’t want to be a spoiler at the event. Check, cross-check, carry a just incase set of clothing for extreme weather depending on the terrain you are visiting

Carry The Right Things

Not only clothing will make a successful trip. You need to have your essentials in place. Straight from your toiletries to make up everything should be minimal and just perfect. Do not go overboard by packing your whole wardrobe in that luggage case of yours. Think, collect and then pack. You do not want to carry a bulky suitcase to a funfest.

Nap It Out

To be all ready for the event you need to rest up well in advance. Do not want those haggard look on your face on the first night of the event. Events can be long and tiring at times, you must have a good two-day sleep before you are ready to set the road to your favorite music festival. Keep your self well hydrated too. It is a big point to keep in mind.

If ou have the above cracked you are all set to be on your way to a happy festival.