Puffer jackets are trending the ranks faster than imagined. They have been around for years, but lately they have caught people’s attention and everyone wants to try their hand on them. Well, going wrong with puffer jackets is not common but taking them from a simple puffer jacket to a style statement is just few points away. Here is our quick winter edit for you on how to style puffer jackets this season.

Go Cargo on them:

Be bold when it comes to puffer jackets. Everyone enjoys the basic styling, a plain tee + blue denims and puffer jacket, but why not get a notch higher with the basics itself. Instead of blue denims try cargo pants. Light color cargo pants, utility pants with solid dark color tee and puffer would look dead gorgeous.

Layer with summery dress:

A combo like this is great transitions wear. The months that the climate is confused this outfit is a killa! The dress gives you the comfort of movement and the puffer jacket is a great style quotient and keeps you safe from the weather. You can either style them with open toe sandals or combat boots.

Go out loud:

Have you imagined yourself in red puffer jacket and metallic pants? Well, bright is trending this 2019 winter. The thought of going black and grey during winters is too 90s now. Try bright colors as they stand out in the winter backdrop and your outfit is highlighted through the day. Experiment with colors, styles and materials.

Big is better.

If this season we talk about jackets, it has to be puffer! The bigger the better! If you want to carry the cool, funky look this winter – an extra large size of puffer is your thing. Getting freestyle and experimenting with the mix and match flavor of the season will work wonders. Your styling will change not only your look but also your mood. It is tested that bright, colorful clothing/shoes changes mood within 20 minutes of wearing them with 85% of women. Well, that’s a good chance to take on a bad hair day.

Black puffer

I know I just said try colors but no one can deny a black puffer jacket. While bold, statement shades can be incredibly fun to wear, nothing says “sleek and sophisticated” quite like black. You can style them with almost everything. Bright colors, pastel shades, black or grey – absolutely anything! They are comfort and easy to style. You can buy one cropped puffer jacket and one long puffer jacket and run through the season in ease.

For me puffer jackets have been the best season rescue jackets. I love to style them with different type of footwear to change the mood of the attire. You can read an upcoming blog on how to style footwear with jackets and coat soon on our page.

Do mention below in review on which style you opted for when you bought your first puffer jacket online. We would love to know and guide you how you can improve your styling with puffer jackets this season.