Boots are your perfect companion for this winter season. They can outstand the cold winds all you need to do is pair them with the right attire. There are famous brands which stride through years to get you the most comfortable boots; let them be ankle boots, block heels or even the most famous Chelsea boots. Boots need to be styled the right way to be flaunting the right way.

Here are 5 tips for you to be a star at a fashion week with classic cowboy boots

Keep it like an everyday wear

If you are like me, get intimated with a loud mix of fashion but have the itch to try something new, let your look me mellow. Best way to kill the outfit is stick to neutral colors. Don’t go too loud with your mix, neither with color nor with prints. Stay within calm colors like, peach, tan, shades of brown or blush.

Turtle neck outfits

This is a trial and tested match across body types. A solid color turtle neck dress and a contrast color cowboy boots or Chelsea boots. They are such great combo together that people won’t be able to resist another look. You can accessories this outfit with a bold color sunglasses from London Rag and match them with thin neckpiece. A perfect comfort dress for a long day at the fashion week.

Styled in comfort – Denims

Ok! I admit, nothing over denim when it comes to comfort for me. I have been in denim jumpsuits, denim overalls, denim dresses, Tunic tops or even joggers. Denim can be mixed and matched to achieve any kind of look. The cute girl look, the hardcore rebel or even a hot babe from next door, you can pull almost anything you like when it comes to denim. I have chosen denim as my go to outfit specially when I have been in times of confusion. If you are not following any particular theme at the event then denim is your thing. Another beauty about denim is that you can match almost any color of ankle boots to kill a kind of look you desire. The hand-stitched boots, the soft leather boots or even a metallic boot.

Welcome to Animal Kingdom

Prints! Prints! Prints! This trending style of animal prints have picked up high-density trend setting scales across masses. Go sober on the dress/jacket you pairing with these kind of boots. Your boots are going to stand out either ways but with a subtle clothing combination it is going to be the talk of town.

The Floral Look

This has never gone out of fashion and I doubt it would ever go. This style has just been tweaking its way to the trendsetter’s chart. Cowboy boots are great for tempering floral-print dresses, which can easily teeter into too-sweet territory. So I leaned into another one of my routine formulas—a silky slip dress and a tailored duster coat and swapped the ankle boots, with an almond toe and classic setback heel. This combination has worked wonders at the week and has been complimented way too many times to deny this outfit.

I have hand- picked these quick tips for you from my own 8 years of fashion experience. Hope these have caught light for people who have been stressing over boots and how to style them.